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The only thing that matters is Success and Results when peforming the Brazilian Blowout

We are Australia's Official Brazilian Blowout and Keratin hair Treatment salon, We specialise in the Brazilian Blowout and the Keratin hair treatment while others specialise in telling lies...and salon owners if you think im talking about you, then I am.  Remember once you purchase a online deal, you will have a diluted product on your hair, it will be performed by someone who is training, if your going to do something with your hair dont fall for online deals, have it done officially with us. Call Head office in America and ask them who the best keratin salon in Australia is...its us.

Most of Australia and countries around the world know us to be the premier keratin salon.. hair salons send clients to our salon cause they know our treatments and our performance is superior.

We use the Top 2 brands in the world, other salons use brands that don't even register in the top 10..or even register at all. Here is a hint when walking by a shopping centre and you see a banner for a Brazilian Keratin Treatment its not the Brazilian Blowout, there are over 14 brands of Brazilian keratin treatments and in my opinion they are disastrous...all generic brands are.

The majority of so called Keratin treatment smoothing treatments on the market now contain no keratin in it, they are loaded with water, Argan oil and conditioning agents, it may feel soft for a day or two but when rinsed out your hair is back to normal, most of this treatments are the one used by salons who promote through internet coupon deals like Spreets, Cudo's etc, and the truth is salons that need to use budget sites to sell there low quality products are just doing it for a quick dollar.

They will say "70% off Brazilian Blowout" now there are 2 things I guarantee, they will not use the genuine brand and the other thing is you can expect 70% less results. What do you expect with product diluted heavily with water and peroxide with no keratin at all.
The idea with cudo's/spreets etc to sell as many vouchers as possible, after they receive there money minus 40%-50% commission to Cudo/spreets they will rush you and use the cheapest product they can on do i know this? cause that's what salon owners are telling me. They have now gone to the point of making clients sign disclaimers so the client cannot complain if the the treatment does not work..If they believe so much in there product why do they make you waive your right for good service...this is now very common with salons that use internet deal vouchers, they now your hair will not work cause they do not use official Keratin.

After you have paid for a voucher they will lose the passion to look after to you, they already have your money, the motivation to look after you will be null and void especially since you purchased it at a heavy discount not to mention 300-400 people have purchased it, so don't be surprised to have a less then pleasant experience and a potential hair disaster, you will not be a special client you will just be a number on a ticket and the salon only receives a portion of what you paid for. The truth is every hair varies and you must take that into consideration, some people can swim in salt water and still have amazing hair, some hair is so resistant it may not take as hoped for. so there are these to be thoughtful of. Our clients do have a very high success rates, we aim to make it higher with more research. Nothing is perfect but we try to be.

Salons only use these coupon deals cause they have not enough regular existing clients and because of desperation,  in hairdressing terms its called and "Churn and Burn" that essentially means "get them in and out, there the voucher clients"

Salon will use the cheapest brands or even make it themselves and tell you its a keratin treatment, when actually its just a conditioner mixed with oils they are ironing in your this what you really want?

This investment in our top leading brands is not worthwhile for most Hair salons as they would find it very difficult to recover the cost of this large investment. We do 40-50 Brazilian Blowouts/Keratin treatments a week, we have a very close relationship with Brazilian Blowout and Global keratin, our business is from word of mouth, fantastic reviews, and amazing results.

Brazilian Blowout and Global Keratin are the most elite brands, we only use quality brands on our clients and its imperative that we make sure the treatment makes you happy and even better exceeds your expectations. Its my name on the salon door and we make sure the results are perfect and have you smiling. 

Other companies offer me cheaper brands to purchase, I refuse all of them cause I know for a fact they don't work and will not satisfy the clients needs, even if they offer me there brands for no charge i will not take it cause our/my reputation is more important then saving a few dollars to use a cheaper generic brand.

I know this for a fact cause many clients will go elsewhere thinking there getting a better deal only to be disappointed, then they came to us, they love the results and refer there friends and family, thats my motivation, and that why I'm so passionate about it. Our 
testimonies prove this.

Brazilian Keratin treatment is not Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian keratin treatment does not work..My Brazilian Blowout works and its guaranteed.

I'm entilted and licenced too tell you that most keratin treatments are useless. We only use the 2 best treatments on the planet, the best authentic keratin treatment is the Brazilian Blowout. The rest of the treatments are diluted and watered down and would not even bother to research them, too make it easier to understand if I was offered 99.9% keratin treatments on the market at no charge i will not accept it it.

Do you believe that you can have beautiful hair? Then believe in us.
Many salons do keratin treatments,  no other salon does more brazilian blowouts then us , we have done more treatments then any salon in the world, the reason why is because through word of mouth , happy clients, Our guaranteed work and results no salon will match us, we have tourists, flight attendants come to us specifically for our brazilian blowout treatments,  we have clients fly from all over Australia cause of our reputation, the other keratin treatments on the market only confuse clients cause they dont work and the result are always poor and that adds to confusion and most are no name brands.

If this was the Olympics we would be gold medal winners cause no other salon has been able to match our performance.

What decision am I going to make, buy a bargain and have my hair fried or go to Marc Azzi and have the Genuine Brazilian Blowout?

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