Keratin hair treatment
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This Treatment can be washed out immediately and will last up to 3 to 4 months

BUT DOES IT REALLY WORK? Absolutely and It's Guaranteed.

We do Brazilian Keratin treatments everyday, We have had success with every hair type.
Other Treatments will need a neutraliser or to be re blowdried or re-ironed again for the treatment to bond, Not this one, after this is rinsed you will have amazing glamorous hair...look below and you will see.

I care about your hair just as much as you do, so it is important for me to make sure your hair looks amazing and you are Happy!

Before the Brazilian Blowout      After the Brazilian Blowout
Part 1:
After the Brazilian Blowout, just dried off with a blowdryer, no brushes or any flat irons were used.
 Before the Brazilian Blowout.  After the Brazilian Blowout.  
Part 2: After the treatment the hair was dried off with a blowdryer no brushes and no irons were used.

Before the Brazilian Blowout           After the Brazilian Blowout

Part 3:
After the treatment was rinsed, it was dried off with a dryer without
brushes or hair irons.

Before the Brazilian Blowout  After Brazilian Blowout

Part 4:
And once again, from very curly to straighter! no brushes or irons were used. It use to take my client 1 hour to straighten her hair, now it takes about 5 mins.

Before Brazilian Blowout             After Brazilian Blowout

Part 5
Just like the above images, no brushes, no irons used, just a dried off with a Blowdryer. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Get rid of Frizz
  • Straightens wave or softens curls up to 3 months
  • Hair stays very conditioned up to 6 months
  • Gives you beautiful hair
  • Makes hair extremely manageable
Performance, Success and Results!


I guarantee results, This will make you look fantastic and save you time..Call or email us so we can get you smoother in 2012.

We only Recommend the official brands for your hair.
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Marc Azzi hair   Marc Azzi Hair keratin hair treatment Marc Azzi Keratin hair treatment

Brazilian Blowout Images