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Brazilian Blowout Açai Hair Care is an aftercare product regimen developed for the sole purpose of extending the life of the Brazilian Blowout Professional Treatments.

Acai hair care products infuse the hair with an exclusive blend of native smoothing and sealing properties incorporated into a proprietary Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex. This complex allows for a continual and cumulative smoothing effect to occur while the hair is washed and styled in between professional treatments.

The end result is healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!
Please use the recommended Brazilian Blowout products as they do extend the life, other shampoo/conditioners will shorten the life of the treatment and will damage the cuticle. The products do contain a special blend to ensure a great lasting Brazilian Blowout. Other Products/shampoo/conditioner will affect the treatment.
The Brazilian Blowout can last up 12 weeks or longer. If you decide to not use the Brazilian Blowout aftercare you will not achieve the desired result. The Brazilian Blowout is heat activated.

Did you know other sulfate-free shampoos and masques actually shorten the life of a Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatment because they do not contain the ingredients found in the Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex? The Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex is a blend of natural antioxidants that conditions your hair cuticle, ensuring that every time you wash, condition, and style your hair, you'll give it a healthy boost of nutrients that compliment your smoothing treatment while adding shine and flexibility.
Last but not least, everyone's hair is specific, some clients hair may last longer then others. we do not push clients to buy products, We only recommend. If you do not want to purchase the aftercare that is fine, but please understand that it may not last or work at all. We do not take any responsibility for any other aftercare being used.

"But I read on google that it's safe to use any sulfate free shampoo on the blowout" It's not safe. I read a lot of things on google, 90% is garbage.
 I would rather you wash your hair with water only, than use the wrong shampoo.

Products are only guaranteed when purchased at Marc Azzi Hair.


Açai Anti-Frizz Shampoo

An exclusive, sulfate-free cleansing system extends the life of the Brazilian Blowout by maintaining the vital moisture and protein balance needed for optimal smoothness and radiant, frizz-free hair.

Açai Anti-Frizz Conditioner

A specially formulated conditioner extends the life of the Brazilian Blowout by infusing the hair with vital moisture and essential nutrients while coating the hair with smoothing proteins that fortify and seal the cuticle. Locks in moisture, locks out humidity, protects hair color and promotes smooth, radiant, frizz-free hair.

Açai Smoothing Serum

This unique smoothing formula extends the life of the Brazilian Blowout as it detangles, conditions and seals the cuticle to lock-in moisture and lock- out humidity. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine. This serum is a must when entering Saltwater (beach) or the Pool.

Açai Deep Conditioning Masque

A creamy, rich, intense conditioning masque drenches the hair once a week by coating each hair strand with exclusive, nutritive proteins to eliminate frizz, promote shine, and guarantee the longest-
lasting smoothing result. This will seal the cuticle immediately after the Brazilian Blowout and make the blowout work and is highly recommended.

Brazilian Blowout