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Global Keratin Hair Treatment $250 and The NEW Brazilian Blowout Plus $310 at Marc Azzi Hair Special offer. Shop 2, Building 6, Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park (near Macquarie Shopping centre)
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Do not expect to pay 90% off and expect 100% results, think before booking a cudo, groupon offer deal, it's funny how some salons in the city were charging $500 last year and know charging $80, they are unethical and immoral, please remember
conditioner has keratin in it, they will just apply conditioner in your hair, dilute it with water and apply it on your hair, remember all the online deals take at least 30-40% of the total sale which leaves the salon with little dollars, do you think you will be recieving quality for $65. If your looking for a cheap nasty treatment go for it, if you are seeking the genuine brazilian blowout then came and see us. We are known worldwide and respected, our reputation is more important then anything else.

As I mentioned before, a hairdresser left her hair salon cause her boss made her dilute the conditioner and tell the client its the keratin treatment. she had ethics and morals and left promptly, the whole thing is a get what you pay for.

We are known worldwide, these salons are only know in there suburbs.

  We use the Official Brazilian Blowout Products and Global Keratin hair treatment. We are a certified salon.
Some salons are claiming to be using the Brazilian Blowout/Global Keratin hair treatment but are instead applying something name generic brands are everywhere now. 

Let us know what results you will like and we can make it happen for you.

We Offer the Keratin hair Treatment and the NEW Brazilian Blowout at Marc Azzi Hair

We stock the Official Brazilian Blowout Products and Global Keratin Hair treatment products, No generic, no frills or recycled or diluted Keratin will be used on you're hair.

Most keratin treatments on the market and in salons today are generic knockoffs and do not actually contain any keratin, many give poor to terrible results..Maybe not what you want to hear, but need to hear......95% of keratin treatments do not actually contain keratin....Do not be a victim..Beware of imitations.

We pride ourselves on results of our clients hair, and only use Quality products such as Brazilian Blowout and Global Keratin, the other brands simply don't provide the results and they never meet or exceed the clients expectations.

We have the highest Success rate of all keratin treatments, not only do we specialise in brazilian blowout/keratin treatment we also repair the client's hair whom have had it done at other unofficial salons.

We use Brazilian Blowout and Global Keratin cause they have an amazing Research and Development department to insure the best results to achieve Success  for the clients,  Brazilian Blowout and Global keratin spend a lot of Money into Research and Development on there products, this is why we use them and not other brands.  The only thing that matters is results and success for the clients.

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Keratin Hair Treatment Sydney

Keratin hair treatment is truly one of the most liberating things for a woman.

better yet, it takes less time to do then a colour!

We have serviced over 12,000 clients, we know that everyone's hair is different and needs to be treated specifically.